The temple of my soul. Lolly Shine. Cyprus ART Photographer
The temple of my soul. Lolly Shine. Cyprus ART Photographer
The temple of my soul. Lolly Shine. Cyprus ART Photographer
The temple of my soul. Lolly Shine. Cyprus ART Photographer

“The temple of my soul”.

Imagine that your body has its own consciousness, its own opinion. It is not a slave to your momentary desires. He has no voice, but the body can signal if you turn the wrong way: illness, block, weakness, pain…

But what if you treat your body like a temple of your soul, which you received for temporarily? Ask him what he wants, accept his needs. Realize that this is a perfect and complex system that was given to you at birth, and you need to take care of it as the most precious thing you have. Learn to listen to its desires. In the picture — a cherry on the body, as a symbol of admiration, love, tranquility, fertility and rebirth.

I created this work so that a person who looks at the picture every time remembers the temple of his soul and does not forget to listen to it.

The printed limited-edition artworks (total LIMIT 11) are available in the following sizes:  

  • Size 45*60 cm. Limit 5. Printed on Dibond. PRICE:  1000 EURO. For the order — contact the author.  One of the works was presented at an exhibition from October 13 until October 30, 2022, at the FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona.
  • Size 60*80 cm + 5 cm white border. Limit 3. Canvas Premium quality cotton (360 g/m²). Not framed and dismantled. PRICE:  860 EURO.
  • Size 90*120 cm + 5 cm white border. Limit 3. Canvas Archival certified fine art (400 g/m²) including museum grade varnish. Not framed and dismantled.  PRICE:  1550 EURO.

Custom sizes are available upon request, contact the author. The artwork comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, embossed with an authenticity stamp.   

REQUEST FOR A FREE LAYOUT. If you are not sure what you want or what size to choose, please send me a photo of your wall. And I will visualize so you can see what your order will look like. 

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