Lolly Shine. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist

About Lolly Shine    

Olga Sukhikh is a contemporary artist, based in Limassol, Cyprus. Lolly Shine is her trade name that she uses in social networks and logo. She creates and sells unique art works to help you to realize your cherished desires. Her works carry energy that helps in living “here and now”, letting go of blocks, with the support and protection you need at the moment.   

You can purchase artwork suitable for your heart on this website or order your own, at the request of the soul for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. 

Lolly’s mission is to create artistic work, with the help of which a person feels protected, peaceful, and happy. Heart-to-heart, with love and gratitude.    

The path to creativity

Lolly was born in 1982. She has been a sensitive child and could not cope with her emotions. Falling asleep to calm down, Lolly always visualized her world and a wonderful future. From the age of 8, she became interested in creativity, composed poetry and music. At 14 years, Lolly accidentally discovered books on psychology and became fascinated by it. She graduated as a software engineer and worked in the banking system for 8 years. Her hobby was small clips, poems and photographs that she gave to her friends and colleagues.

In 2006, she first came to Cyprus as a tourist and fell in love with this island. Since then, she thought about and visualize her future there. And it happened, in 2009 she moved to Cyprus. Here Lolly met her husband and gave birth to a beautiful girl. After the birth of a child, she completely dived into creativity and photography.

During the pandemic, Lolly got an idea of how she can help sensitive people like her become stronger, get rid of prejudices and fears, how to find peace in their soul and become happier “here and now”, without postponing life for later. When you look at a picture created with the message and energy that is needed at the moment, you remember your goal and dream, strive for them, visualize. So she started the project in autumn 2021 and found a new mission for herself.

Lolly Shine. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist
Lolly Shine. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist

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Lolly Shine. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist

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Lolly Shine. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist

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