Strength of the Genus. Lolly Shine. Cyprus Photographer
Strength of the Genus. Lolly Shine. Cyprus Photographer
Strength of the Genus. Lolly Shine. Cyprus Photographer
Strength of the Genus. Lolly Shine. Cyprus Photographer

Strength of the Genus.

It’s a fact that trees feel a person, and each tree is a colossal energy resource. Hugging trees and contemplating them can help overcome stress, fill you with good energy, and even reduce pain. Each tree is unique in its own way, for example, pine is a merciful tree. Pine energy can help relieve stress and nervous breakdowns. We must approach the pine with an open mind. Bougainvillea, with an unusual and bright form of bracts, is called a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

When we talk about a tree, very often subconsciously, we associate it with the Genus. Tree roots are our ancestors. Branches and trunk — we are. And the crowns are our future descendants. More branches — stronger and richer roots, stronger family and more help from our descendants. The power of the Genus is always with us — when we grow, develop and face changes. It protects us from negative energy and danger, gives us the opportunity to restore strength.

I created this picture that we remember about this power, our uniqueness and development, and our own direction of movement.

The printed limited-edition artworks are available in the following sizes:  

  • Size 60*80 cm + 5 cm white border. Limit 7. Canvas Premium quality cotton (360 g/m²). PRICE:  860 EURO.
  • Size 90*120 cm + 5 cm white border. Limit 3. Canvas Archival certified fine art (400 g/m²) including museum grade varnish. PRICE:  1460 EURO.

Custom sizes are available upon request, contact the author.

The artwork comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, embossed with an authenticity stamp. Not framed and dismantled.   

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