V.I.P. order 

Here you can make a unique order for an individual photo session or artwork in a single instance of your request. 

Please describe in the message below your vision of the final version or process of our photo shoot. 

  • Do you want to participate in a photo session or receive an individually created artwork for your order? 
  • What do you want to see in the final version of the work? 
  • What feelings should the artwork evoke in you? 
  • Preferred color gamma of final work? 
  • What size should art work in the printed version? 

The cost will be calculated depending on the work time of the photography, the need for details, the rental of the studio, the size of the printed product and other additional spending.

V.I.P. order. Lolly Shine. Contemporary artist

The team Lolly Shine will contact you within 3 working days to clarify the details of the photo session (time, place, duration), agree on the final cost of the order and the deadlines. 

Please note, V.I.P. order is carried out on a 50% advance payment within 2 days from the date of agreement and confirmation of the order. After the approval of the final version of the photo before the actual printing of the artwork, you pay the rest of the cost of the order. 

In case of refusal to pay the remaining cost of the order, the prepayment is counted towards the rendered service for the photo session and is non-refundable.

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