Personalized Still Lives

On the eve of the holidays, Lolly Shine has an interesting offer for you. Each of us has symbols, letters, signs or numbers that we believe in, maybe it’s a zodiac sign, the number 8 or a totem animal. Now you can order a personalized gift for yourself and your loved ones. Getting a thoughtful, unique gift is always a fantastic feeling, right? Because it makes you feel special.

Printed personalized art work on gallery quality art paper in a frame that can decorate your interior and warm your soul.

For the order:

1. Select an ART work in the Still Life on the site

2. Decide which symbol you want.

3. Write to Lolly Shine.

The author will draw your symbol with the help of an illustration on the selected painting; agree the layout of you before printing. And within 3-5 days after the order, the gift will be ready. Delivery within the Republic of Cyprus is free.

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